Let's tell your story...

Whether it is an idea on a coffee-stained napkin or a late stage edit in need of that final polish, working with us guarantees not only the best finished product, but also a commitment to deliver creative media that will stay fresh and authentic to your brand well into the future.

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Video Production

Short-Form & Social Media Videos - <2 min. runtime $500min

Short & Sweet. Everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Examples of Short-Form videos we produce:

  • Quick turn-around recap videos

  • Branding Videos for Launches and Campaigns

  • Unconventional formatting // Non-linear storytelling (for Social Media)

Long-Form Video - 3mins+ runtime (Athlete Features / Event Recaps) $1,000min

As video has become a fundamental part of any media strategy the noise has been amplified. With everyone trying to reach their respective audience cut through that clutter with focused content that delivers more than just a tagline.

With a background in Documentary film-making we know how to highlight the real story behind the bluster and build a feature that will gain traction with audiences new & old!

What you should expect:

  • Full Creative Brief

  • Pre-Production Design (Storyboarding / Scripting / Casting) built around YOUR input

  • A Worry-Free Production (We handle everything from necessary permitting to contracting the right specialists) You can be as hand-on or hands-off as you want.

  • Final Deliverables that meet all your specifications (from Vimeo to Netflix)

  • Comprehensive post launch strategy

Editing & Digital Strategy Consulting - starting at $75/hr

Don’t know where to start? We are here to help! Reach out to: hello@williamsmediaworks.com

We have helped companies just starting out as well as stepped in to assist our larger clients that have lost a critical member of their internal media team.


Event Coverage- $250/hr on site

Whether it’s a new music festival or a high-dollar fundraiser let us handle documenting the event so you can focus on the logistics of everything else. From candids to portraits; mid event social blasts to commemorative prints we can accommodate any need or deadline you or your events team might have. We’d love to showcase your next event.

(Editing/retouching is included at no charge in this package)

Example Package:

  • Social Media specific photos cropped to 4;3 & 2.35;1 for banners

  • Collection of Candid & Posed photos during the event

  • Album of Key moments for later marketing material

Commercial Images - Starting at $150 for a single image social license

Building a brand is a process and while influencers are trendy ROI is difficult to measure; especially when you don’t own the images and have unreliable creative control. That’s where we come in, take back control of your companies style with images created for YOUR audience not someone else’s. Need photos of your product line on a mountain top? We can deliver. In the wilderness? We can deliver. Halfway around the world on short notice? We can deliver.

We’ve solved media problems for brands both next door and on world tour. Now we want to help you.

Examples of we’ve completed recently:

  • Accompany two brand ambassador athletes on new product test day

  • Create library of images for 250 SKU online store prior to launch

  • Shoot series of large format images to be printed for gallery style displays

Digital Retouching - starting at $50/hr

Have you ever been delivered lackluster images that were “finished”? Maybe you snagged that decisive moment but you don’t know how to give it that POP. With a comprehensive workflow designed to give a final polish before getting published. Digital or Print work with us and be confident your photos will sing!